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Source: “Iran Says It Has Made 17 Kilograms of Further Enriched Uranium, Defying U.N. Demands” – June 23, 2010- AP

Iran’s nuclear chief announced that Iran has produced 17 kilograms of uranium enriched to 20 percent, defying U.N. demands to halt the controversial program.

Despite this being far below the more than 90 percent required to build a nuclear weapon, it is no doubt concerning that Iran may be moving closer to the ability to reach weapons-grade level. “Potentially, we can produce 5 kilograms (11 pounds) a month but we are not in a hurry over this,” Salehi said, according to the semiofficial ISNA news agency. 

This news comes as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made the rounds on the Sunday news talk circuits admitting that the U.S. is not yet prepared to deal with a nuclear Iran. Despite UN sanctions, Iran continues to enrich uranium at higher levels. This issue will remain a threat to the United States and its allies unless the Obama Administration gets serious about dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions in the near future.


Source: “Gates: U.S. Not Ready to Talk About Containing a Nuclear Iran” –June 20, 2010, Fox News

Despite his admission that Iran could have enough nuclear bomb-making material as early as next year, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that the Obama administration is not prepared “to even talk about containing a nuclear Iran.”

Gates expressed the Obama Administration’s support for economic sanctions as the proper and most effective way to deal with the rogue nation, despite their ineffectiveness thus far. Along with sanctions, Gates suggested that helping U.S. allies in the Gulf area improve their defenses and improve their military capabilities could get the government in Tehran “finally to come to their senses and realize their security is probably more endangered by going forward than by stopping.”

While the U.S. continues to remain hopeful that Iran will change course, Iran continues to develop its nuclear program. Recently, the Islamic regime denied IAEA inspectors access to nuclear sites. The Obama Administration continues to allow Iran time to develop its nuclear program, losing valuable time and credibility in its ability to prevent one of the world’s most unstable states from obtaining nuclear weapons.


Source: “Clinton says Ariz. to be sued over immigration law, but Justice Dept. won’t confirm plan” – June 18, 2010, the Washington Post

The Obama administration has decided to sue Arizona over the state’s controversial immigration law, according to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In a June 8 interview with an Ecuadorian television station, Clinton said that, as directed by President Obama, the government “will be bringing a lawsuit” over the newly passed legislation, which gives law enforcement officers an additional tool to combat illegal immigration in one of America’s most susceptible regions.

Rather than enforcing illegal immigration laws, and addressing the serious security issues along the southwest border of the United States, the Administration will instead engage in a lengthy and public legal battle to combat the Arizona law, while offering no solutions for the increasing violence along the border which threatens American national security.


Obama Compares BP Oil Spill to 9/11

by associate on June 15, 2010

Source: “BP Oil Spill: Fury as Obama Compares BP Oil Spill to Twin Towers Attack” -June 15, 2010, UK’s Dailymail

While discussing the BP oil disaster that has become a national issue, President Obama compared the spill to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, stating that just as September 11th profoundly shaped, “our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy”, the oil disaster would shape thinking on the environment and energy in the same way. Obama continued by saying there have been, “echoes” between the Gulf of Mexico disaster and the Al Qaeda suicide attacks which killed 3,000.

Jack Lynch, the father of a fireman who died, said: ‘To compare an environmental accident, if that’s what you call it, to a premeditated terrorist attack is ridiculous.’

Relations between London and Washington have become increasingly distant because of Obama’s anti-British rhetoric over the oil spill. Some have argued that the President’s comparison of the oil spill to 9/11 was a deliberate attempt to take yet another shot at the United Kingdom. Not only has the Obama administration alienated our closest ally, but the President’s decision to equate an accidental oil spill with premeditated terrorist attacks on American soil further demonstrates his lack of understanding and proper prioritization of national security matters.


Obama Supports UN Investigation of Israel

by Researcher on June 11, 2010

Source: The Weekly Standard John McCormack and Bill Kristol June 11, 2010

The Obama administration has decided to support a UN investigation into Israel’s boarding by IDF officers of the terrorist-ponsored “flotilla.” An Obama official reportedly said, “We are open to different ways of ensuring the credibility of this Israeli-led investigation, including international participation, and have been in intensive talks with our Israeli partners in the past few days on how to move forward…We know of no resolution that will be debated at the UN on the flotilla investigation next week.”

This refusal to rule out an international investigation breaks with decades of precedent in US-Israel relations.  So far, the planned investigation will only investigate Israel’s actions on the ship, and will not investigate the actions of the United States’ belligerent NATO ally, Turkey, or the “activists’” connections with terrorist organizations. Additionally, the administration is ignoring the precedent that such an investigation may set in laying the groundwork for possible future investigations of U.S. military personnel.


Source: “White House works to ease Iran proposal in congress” – June 11, 2010, Los Angeles Times

After the recent set of sanctions placed on Iran by the UN, the US Congress is hard at work on their own set of sanctions. The Obama administration, however, is now pushing in the opposite direction against Congress fearing the sanctions may go too far.
The new legislation would punish companies that sell refined petroleum products to Iran or help the country’s oil industry. These actions have strong congressional support.

However, the administration fears that the legislation also could damage relations with Europe, Russia and China, all of whom cooperated with U.S. efforts on the U.N. sanctions. To avoid that possibility, the administration wants authority to waive U.S. punishment against companies from countries that have cooperated on Iran. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) says, “The administration doesn’t carry out the laws that are on the books, and they want the new law to be as weak and loophole-ridden as possible.”

This is a particularly concerning revelation. The Obama administration has been extremely ineffective in dealing the Iranian desire for nuclear capabilities. On the same day that Iranian President claimed that Israel is, “doomed,” word of Obama’s lack of desire to pressure Iran and enforce sanctions jeopardizes national security, essentially appeasing the Iranian government and buying more time for it to continue work on its nuclear program.


Source: “‘Justice Department isn’t ready for WMD attack, report says” – June 1, 2010, Los Angeles Times

A new report issued by the Justice Department‘s Inspector General says “the department is not prepared to fulfill its role’ in coordinating federal law enforcement activities in the event of an attack utilizing a weapon of mass destruction.” In the event of a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack, the responsibility for coordinating federal law enforcement activities and ensuring public safety and security is that of the Justice Department.

This is the latest in a series of reports criticizing the government for inadequate planning for WMD attacks. In January, a bipartisan commission gave the Obama Administration and Congress an “F” for its preparation for a biological attack. With the President announcing that obtaining nuclear weapons has become a priority for terrorist and other extremist groups, this revelation is particularly disturbing and demonstrates the Administration’s lack of focus on job number one: national security.


Source: “Obama Abandons Israel to UN Feeding Frenzy” – June, 1, 2010, Fox News

The UN Security Council Presidential Statement on the Gaza flotilla incident involving Israeli soldiers, describes the incident in a manner similar to the outline designed by its Arab and OIC sponsors. All the civilians who participated in the flotilla are cast as humanitarians – including the armed thugs caught on video-tape brutally attacking Israeli soldiers. The Presidential Statement was agreed upon unanimously– with American approval.

The Obama team is sailing into new waters, refusing to take a stand for Israel and caving to political pressure from Middle Eastern States. The resolution, which is supported by the Obama Administration, makes no mention of Iran’s dedication to Israel’s annihilation, no mention of the smuggling of arms into Gaza, and no mention of the use of those weapons against Israel and its people. The Security Council is effectively suggesting that there is no justification for Israel’s interest in the ship’s cargo or its legal blockade of an enemy, Hamas, with which it is at war.


Source: “Critics Questions Rice’s Low-Profile Approach at the UN“- June 1, 2010, Fox News

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, chose to stay in Washington on Memorial Day as an emergency meeting was convened over the Israeli raid on a Gaza aid flotilla. In her place, Deputy U.S. Representative Alejandro Wolff was present at the emergency session.

A U.N. official said Rice was fully engaged the entire time, “managing the situation and in constant communication.” But Richard Grennell, a former UN Spokesman, criticized the U.S. ambassador, calling her absence part of a pattern of passivity, and “troublesome” “It’s just unbelievable that Susan Rice didn’t go out there,” Grennell said. “She had plenty of time to get to New York….She clearly wants to be the popular ambassador and has demonstrated that she’s unwilling to take on the controversial issues.”

Ambassador Rice’s neglect of the emergency meeting is just the latest event in a series of Obama Administration events and policies that distance the US from full-fledged support of Israel. The Administration continues to make concessions to the world in US-Israeli relations to improve its image in the Middle East.


Source: “U.N. Says Iran Has Fuel for 2 Nuclear Weapons” – May 31, 2010, New York Times

International nuclear inspectors declared that Iran has now produced a stockpile of nuclear fuel that experts say would be enough, with further enrichment, to make two nuclear weapons. When Iran tentatively agreed eight months ago to ship some of its nuclear material out of the country, the White House said the deal would temporarily deprive Iran of enough fuel to make even a single weapon.

These talks continued for months with Iran refusing to commit to the agreement. Now, with the Obama Administration’s focus on health care reform rather than the Iranian threat, the figures contained in the inspectors’ report on Monday indicated that even if Iran now shipped the agreed-upon amount of nuclear material out of the country, it would retain enough for a single weapon, undercutting the American rationale for the deal.